Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We Encourage Ridiculousness!

Photos from our day in Golden Gate Park. 
This past weekend in San Francisco, Chicago and New York there were various Pride celebrations and this being my 6th Pride in San Francisco I witness it as a weekend for people to celebrate their ridiculousness. As a big homo, I like this weekend a great deal. I see people letting loose in ways they might not the rest of the year. Is it the booming techno music, plentiful rainbows or all of those hot boys in tight shorts?

So, why should we embrace ridiculousness? Because it is fun, liberating, necessary, empowering, and a great release. Things that I do to stimulate my ridiculousness are wearing a lot of sparkly accessories, rocking red lipstick, and dance/walking down the street with my iPod. I think that we take ourselves far too seriously and I am guilty of this from time to time, but come on, we need moments to shake it off, have fun, dance around, take your shoes off in the park and listen to music really really loud. I really tapped into my ridiculousness this weekend when I went to a free concert in Golden Gate Park with my wife and friends. Adam Lambert played and it was incredibly fun and with the sun shining all day - I was in heaven. So, I ask you - what are you doing to cultivate your ridiculousness?

Closing night of the Frameline film festival. 
A princess cupcake brought to me by an old friend & I spent time with Lisa at a craft show. She's totes ridiculous! 
All photo montages made with PicFrame. Yes, I'm addicted!


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