Friday, June 22, 2012

Why I Like Jay-Z

For those of you who follow AG religiously, you probably know by now that Sarah & I are obsessed with 90's hip hop.  I can't get enough and it seems to be my genre of choice when working in the studio.  Jay-Z of course is no exception.  Being from NY he was hard to avoid and I do have a sweet spot in my heart for hova.  Still, this is not why I really like him.

A few years ago, okay it could be like 10, but who's counting, Jay-Z went on the Oprah show.  Oprah asked him the usual questions, about his childhood, being an artist and a successful businessman.  When they got down to brass tacks about his rapping career, he said something I have not heard other artists say.  The basic gist of it was this, Jay-Z ignored his talent for quite sometime.  Rapping came really easily to him.  He was good at it and never really thought about it all that much as something serious he could pursue and a skill that he excelled at.  He tells Oprah that so much of his life was a difficult struggle up to that point that he never imagined that anything that came easily was worth doing.  There is some really interesting turning point, that of course I can't remember, a come to Jesus moment when Jay-Z realized that rapping was a part of him. This is why rapping was worth pursing.  Some things come more easily and this is to be examined and not ignored.  Great lesson and a piece of advice I shared often with students and patients before taking it myself.   I finally did and it has made all the difference.

Use it as you will.  Maybe it is meaningful to you, maybe not.  It is what I leave you with for your weekend splendor :)



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