Thursday, June 14, 2012

You Are not As Open As You Think

Something that I always find myself saying when asked about how I have built my business is,

"You can tell the world what you want in life, but you do not get to decide how and when it comes to you."

All this really boils down to is being open. Open with yourself and your desires.  Creative types, myself included tend to think we are wonderfully open to possibility.  Arms outstretched leaning toward the precipice of all things imagined.  This is so romantic, but totally not true! How many of us are actually, really, OPEN?  

Success does not always manifest at the speed and in the exact way we would like.  This does not mean that when it does, it is late or worthless.  The exact opposite.  The secret is to be open enough to see opportunities as valuable, no matter how and when they arrive.  Sometimes success, (however you choose to define that loaded word), is nothing but an uphill battle.  One full of blood, sweat, and tears.  Other times it is less epic, and the path opens up before us easily and with clear direction.  Either way, success is a path, a journey, that leaves us with experiences be them good or bad.  

I think being truly OPEN comes with experience.  Like I was saying on Tuesday, Sarah and I have been in the hole and we know the way out.  For me, getting through some serious deep, dark, stuff in my life has taught me that sometimes the universe plays an important role in deciding direction along with us.  That doesn't mean we should throw our detailed business plan out the window, run to the nearest park and spend the rest of our days blowing bubbles and expect to be successful. We play an important role, a leading role in our life.  The key is to invite opportunity to play the supporting role. 

So, now what?   Well, I don't really know.  How about we just start paying attention.  Close attention.  Listen when you say YES and really listen closely when you say
NO.  Are you saying no for good reason, or because the path before you is not what you had envisioned.  Maybe not, but there is nothing like a good adventure.  Here's to being scared, exhilarated, and successful!  Lets' do it together!




  1. And success can be fleeting - it is sustaining success, or successes, that is as challenging as either the patience to wait for it or seeing it when it happens. What a tangled web.

  2. A tangled web indeed, which is why we keep weaving.