Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5 Year Plan!?

Remember when this stuff was supposed to be futuristic? Now it is vintage!
This post is piggy backing on what Lisa said yesterday - it is time that I think about my 5 year plan too. I'm a double Aquarius and very forward thinking, but I'm not a planner and I change my mind constantly about what I'm doing and when. Five years seems really freaking far off considering I don't even know what's happening next week and I kind of like it that way. But now that I'm running my business I need to think about a plan and write stuff down and actualize this dream of being a full time photographer. So, what is on my 5 year plan? Here goes:

  • Make enough money to support my wife and I through my photography business
  • Get out of the country once a year on a plane and take a real vacation for at least 5-10 days
  • Photograph the movers and shakers of San Francisco and yet still make time to work with individual healers, therapists, and small business owners that could benefit from a stunning not-so-corporate headshot
  • Have an art show featuring just my photography 
  • Photograph 5-10 intimate weddings a year through my other photography business, Knot Shots
  • Do more lifestyle photography for magazines that I adore like San Francisco Magazine, Matchbook Magazine, and Oprah (yes, I said Oprah - I love her lifestyle stuff)
  • Write a book or do an E-Course about how to run a Success Squad with Lisa
  • Present at a few fun blogger conferences
My list seems pretty out there right now, but as things fall into place and the momentum continues I will add to this list and be fearless about it. I remember the first time I said that I wanted to be a full time photographer out loud and how ridiculous that sounded and look at me now. Hello, it is possible.

What's a few things on your 5 year plan list for your business?


PS - we set a record for most views on the blog yesterday with Lisa's post. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read it! 

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  1. Love it Sarah! Fist pump, high 5, go girl! I'm coming clean with my 5 year tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!