Thursday, July 12, 2012

Be Benevolent

Keeping up the momentum that we've established on the blog this week is certainly a challenge that I'm willing to take on. So, here we go....I was washing the dishes this morning thinking about the ways in which we show up for one another in this modern world - shares, likes, retweets, hearts on Instagram and I'm simply going to ask everyone to be more benevolent. Give away more likes, retweet the shit out your favorite stuff, comment on blogs and send hella hearts to your Instagram friends because you should because it feels good to give and you never know what kind of day your friend is having and that like might just make her smile.

I've really challenged myself to show up online for my friends in a big way this year. Wanna know why? Because pushing out your art, crafts, photos, creations and thoughts online takes guts and I want everyone to know who is hustling that I'm out there watching, rooting for you, liking your newest hair accessory, thinking about what you blogged about and oooohhhing and ahhhhing over your latest Instagram photo. We need more cheerleaders out there in the world and I am concerned we're not doing enough for one another online to keep the momentum going. I have amazing women in my life that simply go off the grid for weeks at a time because they're having a hard time, not booking gigs, not making sales and there's no where for this to live online. That makes me sad and I'm not suggesting that we put up Facebook posts or Tweets when we feel like shit, but I am saying that Lisa and I are here for you. We notice when you're not online or you've been on Facebook for a few weeks - send us a ranty email, call us and vent or send a text message that tells us what is truly getting you down and we'll help you get back into the game. This blog post is a virtual hug to all of the lady hustlers out there. I'm going to be hella slutty with my likes and hearts and retweets because you deserve it and I feel good and empowered giving it away.



  1. you are so right! Sometimes those little things really do just make your day!

  2. Like Like Like Like Love Love Love Love!