Monday, July 9, 2012

Go Big or Go Home

Saturday night over dinner, a friend admitted to having gone pole dancing the night before. No this was not a calculated career change, but part of a new group of women she recently joined who are tackling their bucket list together. Yes, I had many questions, mostly about the uniform and shoes, but what stayed with me was this idea of tackling a bucket list.  To simply think of all the things I would like to see and do in life seems like a challenge in and of itself.  To be honest, I don't spend all that much time thinking about what I want to do.  My list occurs daily. I spend more time just doing it.  All of this brought to mind a conversation Sarah & I had last week about our five year plan.  We both kind of laughed.  Every day is a new plan.  FIVE YEARS?!  Well, needless to say we added that to the list and will be tackling it together this week.  But first let's talk going big.

GO BIG OR GO HOME.  Sarah & I say this to each other probably at least once a day.  Dream it. Do it.  I'll be by your side. Let's get it done.  When it comes to dreaming big two Aquarius' with endless energy do it 24/7.  There is no idea that is too lofty, no desire out of reach.  It's only a matter of time.  No one else is going to dream big for you, so let's GO BIG OR GO HOME.

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First, I'll start with what Sarah & I came up with together.  We both want to be able to solely support our families with our business.  That's not to say that our spouses will quit their day jobs and stuff envelopes for Zelma Rose and Portraits To The People, but that we will be able to pull in enough money in the near future to do it anyway.

Sarah & I want to grow Awfully Grand.  Our little blog that could.  Book deal.  Yes.  Conferences, hell yes. Getting paid to do what we love, well of course! E-courses, Success Squad meetings, small business know how, we are working on it all.

Also shared is booking that dream gig.  Our dream customer.  Mine is the President of the United States.  Yeah that's right.  Lofty enough for you?  Mr. Obama, I'd like to outfit you in a handmade pocket square sir. I'm ready when you are. More immediate, I'd like to get a pocket square on every gent in San Francisco.  I'm making a list, checking it twice, bringing fashion to the naughty and nice. My project goes public very soon.  Of course you will be the first to know.

More direct, hey Barney's, how about some Cross Stitch Zodiac Necklaces?  Pocket Squares? I'm ready and waiting.  San Francisco shops, I'm coming for you soon.  Know a place you'd like to see my designs, let me know.  I'll be rounding up my favorites in the coming months. Zelma Rose is going retail.

Let's talk specifics. In the next 4 months I want to double my weekly orders. Six months be looking for an employee and in a year have a finely tuned machine humming with ready made orders, custom orders, wholesale order fulfilment, teaching gigs and conferences. Just add water and grow, grow, grow.

That's the plan.  It will change and grow by tomorrow and if it seems lofty, this is nothing compared to still wanting to be a professional boxer, reading every book ever written, traveling the globe, and having Marc Jacobs on speed dial, who by the way agrees to just give me clothes, all the time.

Happy Monday.  Go big.



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