Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Keep Updating Your Brand

Some days it might feel like you've done enough, you're already there, the brand is up and out there in the world and you don't want to do anything else. This is the moment I ask you to sit back and look at your business with new eyes - ask a friend or acquaintance what they think. You can always continue to make changes and it is important to keep things fresh.

Since I've decided to use Facebook as my primary tool to advertise Portraits To The People, I'm constantly making new FB Timeline collages. I think that this is a fun way to impress new visitors and to show off your most recent work.

Here are a few that I've recently designed for Portraits To The People & Knot Shots, my wedding/engagement business that I will devote more time/energy to in August!!

Have you ever used PicMonkey before? If not, you should - it is freaking awesome and it is FREE!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


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