Monday, July 30, 2012

Molly Covert of Rabbit Foot Fern is Awfully Grand

I want to introduce you to the fabulous Molly of Rabbit Foot Fern. Lisa and I think that she's Awfully Grand and so she is going to get a big fat feature on our Monday blog! Molly is part of our A-Team, we go to her for design, packaging and logo creation - she's the designer behind the Awfully Grand logo and we just love it. I first met Molly because I saw an invitation somewhere and had to find out who the designer was, it was Molly! Lisa and I have both worked with her for logos and branding and she's simply delightful. It is awesome to support someone that works so hard and tries to keep a sense of humor about it. If you haven't subscribed to her blog yet, haven't liked her Facebook page, aren't following her on Twitter or Instagram, you really should - having Molly in your life makes the world a better place and I'm not exaggerating at all! She recently joined the Success Squad and I'm delighted to hear her monthly celebrations and struggles with owning her own business. She just bought a letterpress and we're collaborating on a series of holiday cards - stay tuned they are going to be awesome! When I get back from vacation I will be visiting her studio in the Mission to take some photos - I'm always so fascinated by the places where people work. I asked Molly a few questions, so that you can get to know her better:

What do you do?
Graphic Designer, Stationery Maker - Doin stuff kind of gal and owner of Rabbit Foot Fern

What makes you 'Awfully Grand'?
I took a leap of faith and  left my full time gig in the middle of one of the worst economic climates-ever to start my design studio. So far so good.

Funnest project you're working on?
Because my life is so visually stimulated I wanted to try to be creative in another medium so I'm trying to put together a collection of short stories from my 20s. I give myself a half hour and whatever spills out of me I post. Some are a mish-mash of boys and drunk nights. I have to change names and time periods to protect the innocent (or not so innocent).

Social media you're enjoying being on the most these days?
I've been trying to tweet more. I can feel like I'm drowning in tweets but I like the idea of just tossing out an idea or feeling and seeing what happens. 

We met for lunch last week in Union Square and I snapped a few photos of her. I'll be posting some more of them on my blog next week. She looks stunning in black and white too!

Happy Monday!

What do you have planned this week? I'm headed off to Florida tomorrow to go on a much needed vacation!


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