Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Renegade Rocks

Thanks so much to Sarah for posting those great pics of my Zelma Rose booth at Renegade Craft Fair yesterday! If you missed her post, check it out here.

The show was a great success for me.  I did a lot better than last year.  Every year I tend to elevate things a bit.  This year my display was super refined and my designs were definitely a step up from where they were last year.  In short, pretty much everything was different, and for the better.

Craft shows, especially ones with the magnitude of Renegade, are a TON of work.  I start prepping my booth display and inventory about 3 months prior to the show.  With a dependable audience of nearly 30,000 per weekend, I want my wares looking tight!  With so much work, and a timeline that between prepping for the show and keeping up to date on my weekly orders that nearly drives me insane, a recurring question is, so why do it?  Yes, the exposure is great, and the sales are worth all the work, but what keeps me coming back again and again, is the sense of community.

Seeing other designers, their new product, fresh looking display, and smiling faces really gets me inspired. This life allows for so little time to be social, I always look forward to the time before the doors open to catch up with fellow designers, hear about their business and what's new on the horizon.  One if the new faces I met this year was Jessica from Son of a Sailor.  Turns out Jessica and I both sell at Milk Handmade in Chicago.  She stopped by the booth and we got to chat about her beautiful designs, her next shows, and life in Austin.

This time around, I shared a booth with my friend Kristen of Pommes Frites.  Kristen has been selling her charming home decor for 5 years, both on Etsy and at craft shows across the country, supporting both herself and fiance while in school. It's always great to see her, and I look forward to sharing a booth with Pommes Frites at the San Francisco Holiday shows this year.

A sweet little shot of Kristen & I courtesy of Sarah from Renegade

Tom, Kristen's fiance voguing for the camera. Work it Tom.

I Loooooove love love, seeing friends at Renegade!  It's so nice to see familiar faces stop by the booth and say hello.  It is seldom that friends get to see me in action.  After all, if they check out my designs in a local store, I'm not there in the flesh, talking to them about it!  The support feels great!  I want to give a special shout out to Molly, Jason, Heather, Sarah, Nat, Em, Giselle, Katy, Lisa, Marja, Karrie, Wayne, Larissa, Theresa, Jake, and the Renegade crew for stopping by and saying hi.  You guys made my weekend!

Jake Gasaway from Stitch Labs. I literally couldn't pull it off without them! 
Thanks to all the Zelma Rose fans who came out for the shows.  I'll be seeing you again in December.  Stay tuned for the dates :)



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