Thursday, July 5, 2012

Separate But Equal


Sarah & I discovered on Sunday that we both keep separate bank accounts from our spouses.  That's not to say secret, super sexy spend it all in once place bank accounts, but that neither of us had joined bank accounts with our spouse when we got married.  I had no idea this is rare, but we were surprised to find when talking to our friends that we were among the far and few.  Even more surprising was that the idea to join bank accounts was something that had never really occurred to either of us as a deal breaker.  It is indeed.

My man and I have never shared an account.  Together 14 years and never shared an account.  This drives some of my friends crazy.  What about accountability?  Savings?  How do you budget?  Well, we just do. I trust him, he trusts me, when we make mistakes we fix it.  My grandfather used to say that money comes and goes.  As long as you have a roof over your head, a slice of bread, and enough money to enjoy a picture show, consider yourself blessed.  I guess in the end, the very end anyway,  that's how we feel.

Not to say I don't worry about money.  HOLY CRAP, I WORRY ABOUT MONEY!  My expenses are high, debt, yes, it's there, and obligations many.  Add in living in the Bay Area, with running a small business and POW.  Yeah, I think about money.  Zelma Rose is my second business venture.  Between my BFA and Zelma Rose, I became a psychotherapist and started a private practice.  The difference, is I had money saved up to put into the business.  I rented a nice fancy office downtown, furnished it with art to boot, and had enough for advertising, wifi, phone, insurance and all the necessities.  The only recurring expenses I had were insurance, memberships, conferences, and well, printer ink. All I had to do was see patients.  I was set.

Zelma Rose has been kind of hugely different.  Supplies, supplies, supplies.  Oh and equipment, printer ink, computer, camera, boxes, packaging, shipping supplies, paper, graphic designer, craft show fees, travel, it goes on and on.  Money goes out regularly for expenses that I am not guaranteed return on. AND I started Zelma Rose with nothing.  NOTHING.  Let's just say that if my man and I had shared a joint bank account I would be begging and pleading to go back to having separate accounts.  Yikes!  It has kept me sane over the last two years to know that no one else was plotting my expenses except me, well, and Outright.  The ups and downs of this business are dizzying.  That's just the way it is.  No need to take someone else on the roller coaster ride. Starting a business is next to impossible without having another significant form of income and not having a business nest egg.  Yeah I'm totally crazy and would not recommend half the risks I have taken in my life to anyone.  Still, here we are.  The business is building by the minute, I'm working all the time, and loving every minute of it.  You just can't buy that. Like Sarah & I say all the time, nothing to lose.

So onward we go.  Separate bank accounts, building businesses.  Come to think of it, our spouses just might be the crazy ones.

Long live Zelma Rose & Portraits To The People



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