Friday, July 27, 2012


Heeeeeey San Francisco Magazine! Have you seen it yet?! Sarah & I are both featured in the spread about the Makeshift Society! Not that I have the whole magazine memorized or anything, but go ahead and turn to page 60.
Photo by Sarah - processed through Filterstorm. 

What to say about Makeshift Society other than awesome? Rena Tom, Business Consultant, Makeshift Society Founder, and my go to Jedi Master (seriously, this woman is incredible.  She pops up as Walking Library under my contacts) is the force behind the Makeshift Society.  Joined by the impressive Victoria Smith, Interior Designer of SF Girl by Bay, and Creative Director Suzanne Shade, Makeshift Society will be THE place for creatives to meet and collaborate.

"Makeshift Society is an organization for those who crave camaraderie to fuel their creativity.  Our members are curious and creative.  They make with their heads and think with their hands." Makeshift Society Mission. 

Seriously, what could be better?

Sarah and I are delighted to not only be members, but also Makeshift Society teachers.  We are bringing the ever popular Success Squad over to Makeshift Society!  Exclusively for members, each month Sarah and I will facilitate a forum for for members to present new ideas, design challenges, business concerns, road blocks and general questions about their business to participants.  Acting a a hospital grand rounds, presenters will seek feedback, collaboration and ideas from the group.  Sarah is teaching a class about using Instagram to help promote your business (October 6), and I will be teaching a class about creating boundaries for a better business (October 11).  Classes are also being offered by fellow Success Squad darlings Genevieve Brazleton and Shelly Kerry of Lightbox SF and Kelly Berg of Arte Styling.  Check out the Makeshift Society Classes page to sign up!

Emotional confession time.  This San Francisco Magazine piece is the first time Sarah and I have been represented in press as a an ACCESSORIES DESIGNER & a PHOTOGRAPHER.  Yeah, that's what we do.  WHOA.  Talk about doing what you love and loving what you do.  We are there. 

AND, we are just loving what Photographer Margo Moritz said about the Makeshift Society photo shoot...

We feel the same Margo!  So much fun!!  Stay tuned.  We will be posting a lot more about the Makeshift Society, because it is about as awfully grand as it gets!




  1. Nice! Congrats. You girls are rockin' it. (And thanks for the mention. I'm super excited to be part of this, too!)

  2. you guys look fabulous! love the picture of you Lisa! you looked like you were having tons of fun.

    1. Thanks ladies! The shoot was tons of fun. Add 90's hip hop and you've got a party! xo