Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Zelma Rose is Fab!

Yes, I'm Fab!  You didn't get the memo?  Zelma Rose will be doing it's very first Fab sale beginning Thursday August 2nd!!

What's Fab you say?  Fab.com is the members only design website featuring daily sales of the finest in design at up to 70% off retail.  With over 5 million members, and just over a year old, Fab is HUGE! Working with Fab has been a great way for independant designers like myself to get their work in front of over 5 million people, including retail store owners, magazine editors, and stylists.  If Forbes.com writes about you, yeah, you are a big deal. (Check out the Forbes piece here). In short, Fab.com has everyone's attention.

The Fab.com Mission
Deciding to do a Fab sale is not as easy as just saying yes.  It is known that most of the time, Fab contacts you.  Their buyers are in the know, and chances are if you have gotten press, Fab knows all about you.  I made the assumption that a Fab sale was totally out of my reach.  After all, who would think that my designs would be sold on the same site as big time designers and manufacturers?  I would say you are crazy.  The wonderful thing about Fab is that they do not make decisions based upon the size of your business.  If they like what you've got and you are willing to work your ass off for a sale, then you are in.  Fab did not contact me, I reached out to them.  They have a neat little form on their website that designers can submit.  I humbly submitted, heard back about a month later, and here we are with my sale scheduled to run August 2. 

Zelma Rose I Have Love in My Heart For You Necklace

Working with Fab.com  has been a GREAT experience thus far.  The buyers have been really supportive and upbeat about my designs, and have really taken into consideration that Zelma Rose is just me, myself and I. I did not sign up for anything that I didn't feel was outside of my grasp in terms of quantity or pricing, and all my questions have been answered quickly and clearly.  One of the head buyers even had some great ideas for my designs, offering feedback about color and style.  Yes!  Love that!!! 

It's true, you will work your fingers to the bone prepping for a Fab.com sale.  I have been working around the clock, especially since my sale runs right after Renegade Craft Fair, which in the end, was my choice by the way, crazy as it may seem.  There are no guarantees about how my sale will go.  I could sell out of all my promised inventory, or it could be a total bust.  I have decided that the numbers don't matter.  Yes, I would LOVE to sell out!  That would be amazing!  BUT, I also know that no matter what the numbers say, getting my designs in front of 5 million people, is a grand opportunity.  Either way, I will end up on the plus side. 


So look for my sale beginning Thursday August 2nd!  I will check in mid sale, it runs through Sunday August 5, and let you all know how things are going.  

Happy Tuesday!!




  1. you are fab my friend!!!! love this!!!!

    1. Thanks G! I feel pretty fab, with the exception of my fingers. They be hurtin!