Monday, August 13, 2012

Don't Blow Smoke Up My Ass

This week on the Awfully Grand blog we are focusing on truth telling and all of the good stuff that can come out of it and we'll talk about the shitty stuff too. Lisa and I pride ourselves on being truth tellers and I think that one of the reasons we've grown exponentially as business owners since we started to work together is that we do not, not for one second, blow smoke up each other's asses. What does that mean?

We truth tell and sometimes it hurts and we are upset, but in the end, we know that what she just told us came from a place of love and support and so we let it sink in, make adjustments and move on. How many people do you have in your life that will really tell you the truth? Probably not that many and I'm challenging you to find out why. I don't know many successful people who have surrounded themselves with only yes men, do you??

How can we expect to grow and get better without people around us that push us to do more, think harder, push through it and always expect the best? I had an experience this weekend with two of my oldest girlfriends that I will post about on the blog later this week, where there was some painful truth telling that resulted in a beautiful break through.

So, look around and take stock of the truth tellers in your life - if you have none - hit us up, we'll dish it and you'll thank us for it one day.


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