Friday, August 24, 2012

Hi There Tortoise

So you are a tortoise.  Awesome!  Slow and steady works for you and that's great!  Know you are a tortoise and embrace training for the long distance and skipping the sprint.  We hares need you to slow us down just as much as you need us to light a fire under your ass.  It's symbiotic!

So how do you make the most of your natural gift for easy does it?  Here's how to win the race...

Know your limits.

Yes, I love saying this, but in your case it really rings true.  If you have the stamina for the long haul and don't do well with the unexpected, surprises, chaos, and time crunches, then know so and embrace it.  You have a gift, not a fault.  Being able to work on a project over a long span of time is a good thing, trust me.  When us hares lose steam, we need you to keep us on track.  You will get the job done no matter how long it takes, because you pace yourself.  Here is your limit...keep your stress in check.  You know you can totally meltdown when the fire gets too hot, so check yourself before you wreck yourself.

A long approach.

You know when you are on an airplane and the pilot takes a long approach to the airport?  You might circle around the city a few times, decrease speed and altitude in very small increments, and land very gradually and softly?  That's you!! Just like the pilot plans for the long approach, you can too.  Like the hare, you can count backwards from deadlines, just give yourself more time. Maybe you want to work on three projects at once for 3 hours a day each over the span of a month.  That's cool.  Being able to respond to the task at hand far in advance is a plus.  It means you can put your best effort forward way ahead of us hares, and give yourself a generous window for re-writes, edits, and total creative meltdowns.

Be flexible.

That always sounds so easy and is like the worst advice ever.  Flexibility on a psychological scale is pretty advanced.  None of us really are and those of us who pretend to be run right back into our rooms and bite our nails off when we are forced to bend and not break.  Still, when running a business sometimes a lot of exciting stuff happens last minute.  Us hares love it and can get it together quickly when an editor calls, we need to send samples asap and our bio needed to go out to Conde Nast yesterday.  Here's a secret, life can be predictably unpredictable.  Set some time aside to plan for last minute craziness.  You know your business better than anyone.  What are the last minute things that often arise? Create a file for high res images, a box of samples, have shipping supplies on hand, and know where your CV, bio, and headshot are.  Prepare for whatever you can, so when something comes up that is last minute, you can take a deep breath, say yes and bend just a little bit.  Just a little.

So there you have it you shell dwelling superstars.  As always comment below and get in touch with your more in-depth questions.  I'm here to help!

Rock on with your bad selves and have a kickin' weekend!



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