Thursday, August 9, 2012

Instagram Class at Makeshift Society

Mark your calendars because I'm teaching a class about Instagram at the Makeshift Society in October and you really shouldn't miss it! I have been using Instagram for a long time, I actually uploaded my first photo on March 24th 2011 and as of today I have posted 1,134 photos. The Instagram community is a very special one and the more that I delve into it, the more inspired that I am. Of course, I don't have thousands of followers, but that's not why I am on Instagram in the first place. I use Instagram to be inspired, build my brand and interact with other photographers that I just adore.

Documenting my life through photos is so much easier now and sharing my images with the world makes me feel connected and inspired and not sure if you read this factoid or not, but Instagram just jumped from 40 million users to 80 million users. I frequently pop on to Instagram and search hastags like Paris or Rome and then bam - I'm there! I get to follow Instagrammers from around the world! I'll delve more into the nitty gritty of Instgramming in the class, but I highly recommend you come because if you decide to use the app or not for your business, you'll at least come out of the class with a few new followers.

I'm currently looking for a group of Instgrammers to get together with and go on a photo adventure, so if you're interested - find me on Instagram and let's make it happen - my user name is sarahderagon. The community of Instagrammers that primarily use the VSCO app simply blow me away.  I love how the VSCO filters make my photos look like real film!

Here are a few of my latest Instagram images processed through the VSCO app.

Happy Wednesday! I'm headed home from my wonderful Florida vacation today. Boo!


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