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Makeshift Society Class - Defining a Mindful Business and Workspace

I'd like to introduce you to Kelly, Shelly & Genevieve - Makeshift Class instructors. 

We are excited to announce that a few of the ladies from the Success Squad - Kelly, Genevieve and Shelly - all got together to create a class for the Makeshift Society. The title of it is Defining a Mindful Business and Workspace and it happens on Saturday, October 13th. I asked them a few questions about how the class came about and what people can expect, who would really benefit from the class and a bit about their dynamic collaboration. They all had a lot to say about the class, so here we go:

1. Tell me a bit about the class.

Genevieve: Building a successful and sustainable small business is about finding the sweet spot between strong brand story, a mindful approach to how you work, and a supportive and nurturing environment. This workshop will get you started on the path to bringing all these strengths to your business. I will show you how defining your strengths and the value you offer in a compelling story will attract the customers who most need you. Shelly will walk you through exercises that will help you create a more productive and meaningful workspace. Kelly will show you how little changes to your workspace can boost creativity and inspire you everyday.   

KellyThis is a three part class covering three different yet overlapping areas of designing one’s own business. My focus will be on the workspace itself, and how the spaces we work in have the capacity to greatly affect how we work and how we feel when we work. Function and emotion go hand in hand, and I will share tips and lead exercises that will help guide the workshop attendees in defining and designing a better workspace. I will also dedicate a good portion of time to the psychology of color, not only with regards to the physical workspace, but also with branding, as well.

2. How did you come up with this idea? And how did you guys meet one another? 

Shelly: Gen and Kelly met at your Success Squad meeting and so I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly through Gen. I believe they initially thought of the idea of collaborating. After a nice coffee meeting it became clear that we could combine Kelly and my expertise on space and Gen's on story and branding to make a very unique and interesting workshop. 

Genevieve: I'm in a business group with Kelly, the Success Squad, and we got to talking outside of the group about collaborating on a project. I knew she'd get along well with my business partner Shelly, so we all met for lunch and just started sharing ideas. This workshop seemed a natural culmination of what we all were bringing to the table and the concepts compliment each other so well. We were also all looking to expand our customer base and this seemed like a fun way to do it. 

Kelly: I met Genevieve through the wonderful Success Squad group. Through Genevieve, I became familiar with LightboxSF (Gen and Shelly’s biz), and as I perused the website one day, Shelly’s specialty, Creating Space, caught my eye. She and I share a similar philosphy about work and life and the psychology of space and I immediately knew we needed to meet. So I reached out to Genevieve about setting up a meeting, and after talking for a short bit, we all decided we needed to do something together. A workshop seemed our best option, so we moved forward with some brainstorming sessions. After a few meetings we landed on Defining a Mindful Business and Workspace. And, as luck (and Gen’s magic networking) would have it, we landed a spot at the Makeshift Society. It couldn’t be a more perfect match.

3. Who would benefit from this class?

Shelly: I think anyone with a work or studio space that they are able to control in some way and want to change will benefit from our workshop. Someone that wants to push their business or hobby to the next level will learn how to do so through new and unique ways.

Genevieve: We're aiming this workshop at small business owners who are looking to bring their business to the next level. It might be transitioning from part-time to full-time or reaching bold income goals or even supporting a family. 

Kelly: The workshop is designed for creative-types who own their own business, or
are looking to own their own business, and who want to get more out of the spaces in which they work. There will be much focus on the home office space, but we will also address other work environments. Basically, the goal of my portion of the workshop is to help enable creatives to improve their own spaces so that they can be more productive, inspired and happy while they work.

4. What can participants look forward to getting out of this class?

Genevieve: They can expect a better understanding of how to craft a compelling brand story and attract the target market that needs them most, how to create systems that support them and become aware of what's not working, and how to design their workspace - home office to storefront - to support their work and brand both functionally and emotionally.

Shelly: I hope everyone will learn to look at their workspace differently - to garner an understanding of how important your space (both physical and internal) is to your happiness, productivity and success. Hopefully everyone will leave with at least one super exciting new idea that they cannot wait to rush home and make happen.

5. Any suggested readings or blog posts to look at before showing up for the class?

KellyI think the most helpful thing to bring is an open mind to design and color psychology. Leave the memes at home. This is going to be an opportunity to think about workspaces like never before.

ShellyThese two posts that I wrote might help.One is on Handmade Success & the other is on our blog - LightboxSF. This one on DesignSponge is just great and oh, what about this one on Zen Habits

Genevieve: Of course I'd suggest they read each of our blogs to get a better sense of who we are, and artestyling.comI also ask them to ponder this statement, you will not get what you want if you don't define it. That is the premise of the entire workshop. So what is it you really want?
Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and I can't wait to register for this class!


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  1. Thank you, Sarah! This is a wonderful post. Anyone who has further questions about my portion of the workshop can certainly email me at Looking forward to meeting all the attendees!