Friday, August 10, 2012

Makeshift Society Has Class

I've gone and done it. Yep, I'm officially classy. Won't you join me? October 11, I will be teaching a class at the Makeshift Society about building boundaries for a better business!  You can check out the class description here.

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I'm so excited to be back in the classroom!  It's been a while, but I'm thrilled to be teaching in this capacity and sharing my expertise about psychology and best business practices.  I LOVE talking psych, and those of you who are regular readers know boundaries are my sweet spot.  As I've said before, I love a hot mess!

This class will be chock full of tips on how to create and maintain appropriate boundaries in your business. What's appropriate you say?  Well, a big part of that is up to you, but we will start by covering the psychology behind boundaries, why they are so important, and why saying no is often more compassionate and generous than saying yes. I'll review my most favorite red flags to look out for when working with a potential client, what to do when you get blindsided, and how to practice saying no.  We will even take your real and imagined nightmare scenarios and think together about how best to respond in a way that feels true, comfortable and effective.

I'm salivating already!

For more about my class please visit here.  For a taste of my background, check out my instructor bio below:

Lisa Anderson Shaffer, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist and accessories designer for Zelma Rose.  With a background in private practice and acute psychiatric in-patient care she is an expert in boundary maintenance and group dynamics.  Lisa has nearly a decade of experience helping patients and small business owners create strong and healthy boundaries.  Lisa's clients describe her a funny, insightful, straightforward and all agree, she loves a hot mess. Lisa currently offers consultation to small businesses interested in promoting creativity, innovation, ans maintaining a happy and healthy work place.

Class is in session October 2012!! Registration opens September 1.

Happy Friday



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