Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Psycho Part 2

It comes as no surprise to our regular readers that along with being a designer for Zelma Rose, I am also a licensed psychotherapist.  If it seems like I talk about it all the time, please insert eye roll here.  A little back story...

The trajectory of my professional life can be tracked with this glamorous list:

1990's ~ BFA San Francisco Art Institute. Fine artist working in San Francisco as visual arts instructor and California Arts Council Artist -in-Residence at UCSF Mount Zion Cancer Center.

2003-2010 ~ MS Clinical Psychology San Francisco State University. Psychotherapist in training, then in Private Practice.

2010-present ~ Mom and owner of Zelma Rose

With starting Zelma Rose, I very much went back to where I started.  It feels right, and true, once an artist, always an artist.  Being an artist is something that if I ignore, rears it's head in a very dramatic and attention getting way until I yield.  It's a stupid fight too.  Usually involving a swift kick, and I'm down for the count.

That being said, I'm working on reinventing what it has meant for me to be a psychotherapist.  I was good at it, enjoyed it for the most part, and loved above all else, the academia.  Reading studies, attending case presentations, taking classes, and being a part of consultation groups made me salivate. Psychology is such a rich and fascinating science.  It's like peeling an onion.  Endless layers.  My favorite part by far is that you can never know everything.  Just when you think you completely understand a theory, diagnosis, behavior, you are confronted with a patient, study, or case that just blows you out of the water.  There is always more to learn, and I love that.

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I have been working the past 6 months or so, tyring to find a way to fit psychology back into my life.  Private practice does not fit. I'm busy with Zelma Rose, and been there, done that.  I always loved being a consultant and spent part of my time as part of consultation groups and helping other psychotherapists think about their cases and the ups and downs of running a small business.  My experience working with acute psychiatric care, and groups, gives me the expertise I need to offer valuable feedback when it comes to group dynamics in the workplace. So enter consultation.  Yes!  I'm doing it!

Here's my pitch:

I offer consultation to businesses on how to boost creativity, foster innovation and create a happy and healthy work environment.

In short, if you are spending more time than you should handling the group dynamics of your employees, reigning in difficult customers, and keeping everyone from hating their job, you need to call me.

I love a hot mess.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

The wheels are in motion and I am re-entering slowly but surely.  I will be teaching a class at the Makeshift Society October 11 about building boundaries for better business.  You can sign up for the class here.  I am also starting to take on clients.  Molly of Rabbit Foot Fern is working on my business card.  It's official.

This process has been an interesting one.  Life is that way for certain.  If the current me had a conversation with past me about 3 years ago, I would have NEVER believed a word.  I love that about life.  Anything is possible.

What have your experiences been with your career?  Have you revisited a job or profession from the past?  How did it go?  What are you hoping to revisit in the future?

I'd love to hear all about it!



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