Thursday, August 30, 2012

Say it Loud

This month we are embarking on a new adventure at Awfully Grand.  I think by now you know that Sarah & I are all about putting it out there.  Say what you want people and say it loud and clear.  The universe cannot not engage in a game of mind reading, and chances are no one is waiting around to guess what it is you want for your business, personal life and other.  If that were the case, Marc Jacobs would have approached me long ago with a free trunk of clothing, gosh he fits me like a glove.  Putting index cards up on your office walls and writing your aspirations in a journal is not what we are talking about here.  Sayin' it loud means making it public, putting it out there, and letting it be known.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

To add our own little contribution to the put it out there movement, we asked members of our Success Squads to make public one of their goals for the month.  The driving force behind this project is to provide a sample of some of the different and ambitious goals a group of successful, serious, gettin' shit done business women share, in the hopes that by putting it out there we can convince others to do the same and all help, support and cheer each other on. We are so very powerful together! We don't have a name for our posts yet, but you can expect them monthly and to feature some of our most dedicated and kick ass members.  Get to know us, comment with your own monthly items of awesome action and we can make it happen together.

Today I'll share an example of how putting it out there is oh so grand.  Makeshift Society boss lady and creative business strategist Rena Tom is a total maven and a big believer in putting it out there.  She says what she does and does what she says.  Refreshing, right?! Here's a quote from a blog post she wrote 8 years ago this month.

"i so, so, so, so, so want to stop what i'm doing and open a little shop in brooklyn. teeny tiny vacant storefronts are taunting me. lady shopkeepers who bring their dogs to work, i want to join your ranks! vacationless, underpaid shopkeepers i mean. the unofficial slogan when i was working at gap inc was, 'at the end of the day, you sell pan
ts'. well, at the end of the day, i just want to help people be happy. it's interesting how a few minutes in a lovely environment, looking at lovely things, can actually make you a little happier. not long-lasting, deep and meaningful happy, perhaps, but sometimes you just need a couple of cute funny things to make your day. judging by blogs that i read, those cute funny things can add up."

For those of you who don't know, Rena went on to open Rare Device, a perfectly curated shop of the yummiest designs with pal and artist & illustrator Lisa Congdon.  They moved the shop to San Francisco and have since sold it to current owner and one of our favorite ladies, Giselle Gyalzen.  Rena is currently consulting and pulling off what is about to be the next big thing in San Francisco and beyond, The Makeshift Society.  The point is, Rena put it out there, and it happened.  Big time. Let others know what you want, it works.

Let's do it together.  Go public, go big, say it loud, and get it out there.  Let's take those the first steps to gettin' it done. Sarah & I will continue to let you know about our goals, however lofty they may be. I'll be eagerly awaiting my correspondence from Marc Jacobs, I'm sure it's coming any minute.  Look for a post tomorrow about Success Squad member Stephanie Bodnar of Honey Cooler Handmade.  She gets loud!



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