Friday, August 3, 2012

Success Squad x 2

If you're a frequent visitor to our blog you'll remember that last month Lisa and I attended an informational meeting at Rare Device about the Makeshift Society. If you don't remember, click here, for the full blog post. During the question and answer session, I raised my hand and asked about space rentals because I run a monthly women's group for small business owners and we're kind of tired of jumping around from coffee shop to coffee shop. Rena thoughtfully responded and I just knew that Makeshift Society would be a great spot for us to hold a monthly meeting. Then I turned around and a very sweet girl, Lauren, blogger at Hipp Anonymous was standing beside me asking about this monthly women's group and I told her all about the Success Squad and she said, "Ok, how can I join?" Then someone else came up to me and then another and finally another, and I found myself with a handful of business cards and a voice inside me said - start up another one! So, I sent an email out to about 12 women who had expressed an interest in joining and we set a time to meet and had a wonderful first meeting last week. This new group is exciting because all of the women are established business owners - we have two photographers, jewelry designers, a retail store owner, a bag designer, a lawyer, a consultant who helps creative professionals an Etsy store owner and someone who makes stunningly beautiful lingerie and loungewear.

The blog post I forwarded to them before joining the Success Squad basically laid out my philosophy and thoughts on how the group should run. Being a leader of any group will inevitably present challenges, but I love it, I simply love it. I have been blessed with a certain set of leadership skills that I will continue to use for good (organizing meetings for small lady business owners) and bringing together people is what I love to do the most. I'm excited to share some of the trials and tribulations of this new Success Squad with you and in case you were wondering, we're still struggling with finding balance, feeling lonely working from home and wanting to take our businesses to the next level, but finding the freedom of working for ourselves and making our schedules incredibly empowering. It is never all good and it is never all bad, but the highs are super high and the lows are super low. But we have each other now, so that counts for something. I'm excited to see how this new group of powerful ladies will collaborate because the magic that came out of the first Success Squad, like this class at Makeshift Society being taught by Kelly, Genevieve and Shelly, makes my heart happy! Stay tuned for a blog post about their class soon.

And if you aren't part of the first two Success Squads that I coordinate, you can get in on the Makeshift Society one that is starting up on Wednesday, October 10th from 6:30-8:30pm. This Success Squad is for members only and here's the new structure - you can drop in and either present your business or listen to others share their roadblocks and offer advice and support. Lisa and I are thrilled to be part of the Makeshift Society in this capacity and we look forward to seeing you drop in and chat. The more support we have doing what we do, the better. Can I get an Amen in here (said in RuPaul's voice)!?



  1. So awesome what you are doing, Sarah. Yes - you are gifted with great leadership abilities! Lucky ladies who get to be in your Success Squads! ;)

  2. Amazing to be a part of something so powerful. There is nothing we women cannot do together! Love riding the wave with you SD!

  3. Sarah's skills with photography, people, leadership, and - life! - are inspirational. *Motivated* new member here, excited to see what develops...