Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Art of Fancy

Last night Lisa and I got to get all dressed up and went to Hayes Valley for the Art of Fancy party sponsored by Skillshare, Makeshift Society and The Bold Italic.  Any chance I have to put on a dress and some cute shoes, I am there! Not only that, but I was excited to meet people associated with these fabulous businesses and we got to learn a few things too. Genevieve of our Success Squad showed everyone how to make bitters, we saw someone take the cork off of a champagne bottle with a saber and there were some gorgeous floral arrangements. Photojojo was generous enough to provide a few instant cameras and people were snapping away. I ended up keeping the photo of Lisa and I because it was too cute to stick to the wall with washi tape. Here are my Instagram photos from the evening.

When we get together - we laugh a lot.  
The Bold Italic's space is ridiculous. I love the typewriters hanging on the wall. 
Rena gives the crowd a thumbs up! 
We are ladies that have fancy purses. 
Our partners, Matt & Nat were outside all night talking about soccer.  
Isn't Stephanie cute? I love these little skills I can teach you things too. 
Karrie of Videokard and her handsome husband, Wayne, were there too.  
Stephanie of Honey Cooler Handmade and Lauren of Hipp & Kirk looked gorgeous. 
Lisa in the cutest coat ever with our go-to graphic designer, Molly, of Rabbit Foot Fern. 
Can't wait for the next party. What will I wear?


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