Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What 90's Hip Hop Does To Us

There's this magical thing that happens with Lisa and I get together and there's some 90's hip hop playing on Pandora - we just start dancing! And it feels good to dance and laugh and be silly and pop that booty. These photos are the result of this uncontrollable thing that happens when Lisa and I hear 90's hip hop.

These photos are from our shoot with the fabulous Margo Moritz who photographed us for the San Francisco Magazine Makeshift Society article. A fun little backstory about this photoshoot is that Lisa and I were so stoked when we found out that we'd be in the magazine article and we had 2 days to prepare for the shoot, so we both went on a mad dash to find the perfect thing to wear and of course, I had to buy a new pair of Spanx. We went to the Margo's studio together because we knew we'd have more fun together, so Lisa picked me up one morning and we went to the studio.

Margo made us feel really comfortable and the ring flash she was using made you immediately feel like a celebrity! We had her put on our favorite Pandora station, 90's hip hop, and we were dancing around and laughing. Margo captured the real us and I'm so in love with these photos you have NO idea. I look at the bottom of one Lisa and I when I'm having a hard time and I remember that we're bad asses and everything will be ok. So, here's to putting on your favorite Pandora station and rocking out with your best girl friend!

All photos by Margo Moritz. 

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  1. Kick ass dresses, 90's hip hop, Lisa & Sarah! How could it not be the best time ever?! Heart you girl!