Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What Is A Headhot?

My big confessional moment about a fuck up is that I had a client point out to me that on my business cards it says headhot and not headshot. The moment she pointed it out to me, I snatched back my business card and said "NO WAY!" but she was right. My business cards have a glaring typo and the worst part is that I've probably handed out about 100 of them so far. Luckily, I put the rest of the ones with the typo in the recycling bin, but whoa, how embarrassing. My wife was mortified because she's an editor and obviously I ordered these too late one night and didn't do a proper spell check on them. And that's one of the problems with typing in a word so often, you lose the inability to see glaring typos. On FB last week I posted that I can't spell availability anymore to save my life because I type it out so often. A luxury problem for sure that I'm having to ask about people's availability more than I used to, but still! So, my glaring mistake with these business cards proved to me that sometimes I do too much, I am not great at details and from now I need to have my wife spell check my business cards before finalizing any order. Thank goodness I only do small rounds of printing on Moo because I like to change up my images, but still, what abou those 100 people that have business cards that say 'headhots' - ugh, makes me ill to think about it.

If you currently have one of my business cards that has this error on it, put it in the garbage and I'll hook you up with a new one the next time I see you. Sorry about that!


PS - After writing this blog post I feel less shame about this error because I'm willing to own it. Yes, I fucked up and I'm going to move on. My new business cards are already on their way.

PPS - Thanks to Sarah for pointing this out. I owe you, girl.

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