Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aspirational Goal Setting

Thanks to Lauren and Stephanie for starting us out with the aspirational goal setting last week and I'm up next, which is exciting and nerve-wracking. I truly believe in putting things out into the universe, so I'm not that scared. Perhaps I'm more concerned about what I'll do when all of these things happen, ha!

When the Daily Candy feature hit I saw an incredible spike on my analytics and that gave me the confidence to write down some really nutty goals, but three of them have already come true, so I'm not going to knock it. These goals are written down on index cards that are hanging right next to my desk, so I see them every day and they won't come down until I accomplish every single one. I'm dreaming bigger than what I'm going to do this September, this is some quarterly aspirational goal setting!

  • Do a photoshoot for The Bold Italic - I dig their style and am pretty sure I could deliver some stellar images to them for a story (or two or three)
  • Have a photoshoot that's featured in San Francisco Magazine - Margo Mortiz (the awesome photographer that took the photos above) really inspired me to think about getting into this magazine. Their pages and big and glossy and beautiful and I'd be stoked to have my work in it
  • Book 4-6 headshots a week and do at least 2 professional online dating headshots a week. The online dating headshots are being revamped, there was something missing in the way they're being packaged, so stay tuned for an exciting announcement
  • Have a photo that I have taken of someone in Oprah, Lucky or GQ. Well, this kind of already happened last week because I photographed someone that is going to be featured in Forbes and later in the day I photographed someone else that is going to have that photo in Marie Clare, so maybe my magazine list just wasn't long enough
  • Photograph someone San Francisco famous - this list is long, but I think you know who I mean, a blogger, author, politician, local celebrity or small business owner
  • Travel for my work. This might already be happening too - Vegas next year is a real possibility for a wedding!
  • Get an agent. I'd love to do more commercial work and I will probably need an agent to make that happen, so if you know of anyone looking for more photographers to represent, send them my way
  • Book all family sessions. I know it is barely September and I've barely promoted it, but I want the family sessions to be so successful that I get to do more of them as the year goes on vs. a ton of them at the end of the year. Family photo sessions are truly some of my favorite and so I want more of them in my life
That's my list. So, what's on yours??


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