Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Instagram Class at Makeshift Society

Well, you're running out of time to enroll in my "Should you use Instagram for your business or not?" class being taught at Makeshift Society in early October. You probably already know that I adore Instagram and have used it for quite some time to build my brand and further my business, but I'm a photographer and that's a no brainer, right? Well, true, but I see big brands like Gap, Kate Spade and other small designers like, Zelma Rose using it as well with great success. Lisa recently wrote about Instagram on the IndieMade blog and you and read her article right here.

I decided to up my game on Instagram and I only use certain third party filters now, like the ones from VSCO and I play around with other apps like Over, SpacePaint and Filterstorm. I'll tell you more about that during the class, but I decided a long time ago that I want my Instagram feed to be more than just photos of food - it is a photo diary of my life and fully documents my love of San Francisco. Through my Instagram feed you'll see that I live in San Francisco, I adore my niece and nephew, I run around the city a lot from shoot to shoot and post fun previews and I like to play around with different processes on my photos. The other day I made this photo - looks like the building is on fire, huh!

I made this photo with SpacePaint. It is the side of a building at sunset. 
Something I didn't expect from my Instagram habit is a bunch of new friendships that have formed. You might totally be laughing at me right now, but it is true. I have some fabulous Instagram friends and we keep track of one another through our photos. I especially adore Simone_Anne, a photographer living in Half Moon Bay, who I finally met in person and I got to snap this beautiful photo of her up against a purple building after our coffee date. I can always count on her photos to make me smile.

Meet Simone_Anne and I totally almost wore these same earrings to our coffee date. Ha!
Here's a few more of my Instagram highlights from this week. A preview, some garlic fries and a photo of my niece from when I was babysitting her. Download Instagram now, if you haven't already, and start playing around with it. I'll meet you in the classroom at Makeshift Society.

My niece, Isabel, being adorable as usual.  
Did a photoshoot with a local chef and we grabbed some herbs as a prop. She thought it was hilarious. 

Garlic fries at the Santa Cruz boardwalk - the vampires didn't bother us. Phew! 
Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Sarah I'm so excited for this class! I'm signed up and ready to go! I have already learned so much from the tips you have shared with me. I have more followers and found a side of myself that had been sleeping for quite some time. Can't wait to hear all that you have to say about instagram!!