Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Imaginary Collab

Sarah and I thought we would take a slight detour on our journey of the collaboration with a little comic relief.  As you may know, I made it to the finals of the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. The contest closes today and we all have to sit tight until October 8 to see if I win.  Being that my chances are 1 in 100, which is definitely better than the lottery and much higher than my chances of randomly running into Martha on the street, still I thought I would use this opportunity of being in waiting to imagine what my dream collaboration with Martha might be.  Ya know, just in case I don't win.

When it comes down to it, how I feel about Martha can be best summarized by an excerpt from my post on the SF Etsy Blog:

"To say I love Martha Stewart would be the understatement of the century.  She’s amazing.  A top-notch businesswoman, intelligent, fierce, an innovative eye for trends and creativity long before the rest of us catch on, and a stamina that just won’t quit.  She has built her business from the ground up twice, mastered all channels of media and baked brownies with Snoop Dog.  Martha just plain rules!"  

Yes, I'm obsessed, but aren't we all?  And maybe a little bit crazy, right?  It would kind of be a tall order to sign up for a collab with the Grand Dame of the crafting world.  And rightly so.  To be so successful, have a cohesive message across all media and constantly and consistently get shit done?  Yeah, Martha leads the way for sure.  As well she should and what I would be wanting out of a collaboration with Martha would be to learn.  EVERYTHING!  That means taking a step back, letting go of the reins and understanding this experience has a lot to do with watching and listening. So here's how it goes:

Martha invites me to her house in the Hamptons.  OK let's go back a step.  I receive a perfectly hand calligraphied invitation as the American Maker Winner to attend a weekend at Martha's digs in the Hamptons to shoot photos for a new crafting book she is working on that focuses on fashion. Already I'm psyched!  She requests that I bring my husband and daughter and suggests they can go horseback riding and eat freshly baked gluten free scones, super thick maple glazed bacon and loads of hand churned butter, while we work.  I immediately go to Saks and buy the most amazing casual clothes.  Ya know those jeans that look like they are from the Gap but cost $400?  Sorry, back to work here.  We decide after several cross coast phone conversations that we will be making my blouse bows (stay tuned for these...they just might make the perfect winter accessory) out of a selection of Japanese cottons and vintage scarves that belonged to Martha's mother.  Perfect!

I arrive at her Hampton digs and get a personal tour of the grounds.  We spend three hours in her sewing room as she tells me all about her machines and endless supplies.  I present her with a custom cross stitch heart necklace in her signature Martha Green and gold. We eat. A lot.

The collaboration day has arrived.  Martha is amazing.  She is totally in control.  She knows EXACTLY what she wants for the book and isn't afraid to let it be known.  We laugh about the time she made brownies with Snoop Dog and she dishes on which actresses spit out the food they made together after the take to commercial so as to not gain another ounce.  Then we share an eye roll moment.  Martha shows me an even more efficient way to turn out the bows, and tells me that I really must only use freshly sharpened scissors.  She gives me a set of hers to take home.  Swoon. I thank Martha for the great experience and suggest that she lets the world know just how funny she is.  She lets me hug her. We all eat again and then catch a flight back to SF, but only after I "accidentally" leave like 10 samples of my work strewn around her house.

There you have it, my dream collaboration with Martha.  I said I was gonna dream big.




  1. You forgot the part where she asks your basically lifelong friend to come to take notes so you can truly enjoy the learning experience.