Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Real Time Collaboration

Sarah and I have been fans of the collaboration for quite a while.  The collab is a strange phenomena. Pull two or more people together to work on a single project and things are bound to get interesting.  It is different than a group and not quite the same as a partnership.  Either way, collaborations can bring out the best and worst.
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We are always surprised to find that many people shy away from collaborations or just straight up won't do them.  I get it, but there is so much to be gained and learned, in my eyes the good always out weighs the bad.  Sarah and I seem to collaborate seamlessly and maybe that's why we are so open to them.  Call it a happy accident, but really, the reason why Sarah and I work so well together is because we both have TONS of experience in groups and partnerships.  Sarah is a seasoned team manager, among other talents, and as I said to my husband last night, Art School and working in a psychiatric unit have proven to be the most useful life tools ever.  I can pretty mush survive even the worst working relationships and have a lot of experience in what makes for a great one.

Collaboration really comes down to flexibility and boundaries.  Those sound like opposites, right?  Really though, flexibility and boundaries go hand in hand. To build a strong partnership of any kind you have to be open to a different perspective, that's why you are partnering, right? And you MUST know yourself.  It is essential to know what you can bend on and what is a total deal breaker.  Also, know your role, people.  I'm not about to spend my time on Awfully Grand writing about photography.  That would be totally weird.  That's Sarah's bag, just like she is not going to drop a Freud bomb.  I've got that covered.  Really it is about give and take and being honest with yourself and your partner about what you can give and what you will take.  Transparency is key.

If you are interested in learning more about collaborations in general, want to give it a try, or want to throw out an idea to a group of interested brainiacs like yourself, Sarah and I invite you to become Makeshift Society Members and attend our Success Squad for Members.  Our first meeting is Wednesday October 10 from 6:30-8:00.  We meet once a month to discuss business challenges, design conundrums, and all the nitty gritty business stuff that we all could use feedback about.  Check out the Makeshift Society website for details about membership and to join our monthly meeting.

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