Monday, September 10, 2012

Willo O'Brien is Awfully Grand

Here's Lisa and Willo in Golden Gate Park for our fun photoshoot after we had a delicious lunch
We want to introduce you to the second woman featured in the "Awfully Grand" series today and her name is Willo O'Brien. Words to describe her are plentiful and Lisa and I narrowed down our favorites to - innovative, magnetic, supportive, inspirational, go-getter, and creative. We both met Willo through Stitch Labs and had a great experience working with her in different capacities - Lisa is a regular contributor to the Stitch Labs blog and I got to take the new photos for their website redesign. Not sure if you follow her on Twitter or saw her blog post about moving on from Stitch Labs, but she has and she's embarking on a life of self-employment again - doing more one on one business consultations and of course she's got a fabulous 5 week class called RE:CONNECT - Get Unstuck & Find Your Magic with local artist & author, Mati Rose. Click the HERE to register.

I know that this course will be a smashing success and congratulations to Willo for following your heart and heading off on your own once again. We met up with Willo to have lunch and catch up with one another because there's only so much that you can share with one another through various FB posts and retweets. After lunch we ventured into Golden Gate Park and of course I had my camera, so I got to take some new not-so-corporate headshots for Willo. The ones posted here aren't the ones she'll be using, obviously, but they are fun and processed through my new obsession, the VSCO Film Presets for Lightroom. A little grain some yummy black and white and I'm in love. So, here's a few of my favorite photos of Willo and be sure to either sign up for her class, subscribe to her blog, follow her on Twitter, find her on Instagram or become her friend on Facebook - she's one of the true female entrepreneurs you should pay attention to!

You're a beautiful woman, Willo and I apologize for not being able to list out all of your fabulous accolades because you have so so many! We appreciate you being part of our lives and creative community and I hope that our readers hop over to your website and dive into your video is hands down one of my favorite parts of what you have created for the world.

Happy Monday,
Sarah & Lisa

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  1. So fortunate to be seen through your gifted lens, Sarah! You are so talented. Delighted we are co-creating this fabulous, thriving community. You & Lisa are vibrant lights in the world, and I'm grateful to know you!