Friday, October 5, 2012


Hey everyone, simple apology must be issued on the Awfully Grand before we head off to our fabulous weekends plans. Today I realized, with the help of a very thoughtful email, that I may have offended some people, especially, Britt & Whit, with my post earlier this week about the Urban Fashion Adventure being a failure. I want to apologize to them for any confusion I may have caused and I'd like to set the record straight about a few things.

1. I deemed the Urban Fashion Adventure to be a failure because it was never going to make me any money. I have a lot of respect for fashion bloggers and what they do, particularly the ones that post 5 days a week, and I didn't mean to insuenate that they couldn't afford me, I just meant that up through the date of the blog post, not one of them had ever put me on a retainer to do their fashion blogger photos.

2. I had a blast photographing Britt and Whit and the other fashion bloggers/models I worked with on Model Mayhem. They taught me a lot about how to pose and they allowed me to truly embrace my love of fashion through their blogs & outfits.

3. I was not trying to call out any fashion bloggers about the quality of their photos. Full frame camera set ups, like mine, are extremely expensive and make no sense for someone just using it for fashion blogging.

4. Any and all Urban Fashion Adventures that I did were for free. I donated my services to work with these people and although I'm unable to do free things anymore, they really helped me grow as a photographer and I loved every single second of working with them.

5. If a bunch of ladies got together one day and approach me about doing an Urban Fashion Adventure I would enthusiastically say YES! But up until today, no one has approached me to do this for any amount of money and since momma has got to pay the bills, I will still consider my Urban Fashion Adventures a failure.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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