Monday, October 22, 2012


This week Sarah & I are going to pay some mind to the idea of evolution.  Sarah talks about living in the process of redefining your business quite a bit.  She is a fan of rebranding, revamping, and keeping things on the up and up.  I agree.  A business is a living breathing entity that needs to be flexible.  If we do not bend, even in unexpected ways, we will surely break. We need to keep current, stay responsive to the market, and keep ourselves interested and passionate about what we do.

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Sarah & I are both in the process of evolution. Sarah is working away on some photo packages and updated goals I'm redefining what interests me as a psychotherapist.  It's been an interesting journey for both of us and we would like to share some of the process with you over the next few days. I guess when it comes down to it, we have both been doing a lot of assessment and revisiting.  What's working, what's not, why, and what do we do now? Also important is letting go and moving on.  Nearly impossible when you run the show.  Stepping back and getting some perspective is hard but necessary to moving forward.

We'd love for you to join in on the discussion with your own business evolution.  What changes have you made lately?  And what unexpected directions did perspective lead you in?

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  1. Hey, ladies. Love your evolutionary mindset this week. This is a conversation I'm VERY interested in! I always imagine I'd be much more relaxed if I could get comfortable with the idea of my business as a living/breathing, ever-evolving entity. I keep trying to pin it down, so I can label it and talk about it more gracefully. But it wants to be this hydra-headed beast. OK, maybe it's not that dramatic. But it does feel overwhelming at times, and I often find myself stumbling over my words when I try to talk about what I do.