Monday, October 15, 2012

Help Wanted: Passionate & Slightly Crazy Please Inquire Within

Hire out your weakness.  This we cannot stress enough.  Sarah & I are firm believers in spending our valuable time doing what we do best.  Sometimes that has to do with talent, other times passion.  Either way, it is critical in business to know when to call in the troops.  Consider the call being made!!

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

We have both hit strides with Zelma Rose & Portraits To The People where the time has come to divide and conquer.  Different reasons and different ways, but Sarah & I both have had to take a look at the long view recently and decide where to focus our own energies and where to get some help.  This is always harder than it seems, especially when we are both still in the throws of relatively new businesses.  It is still a struggle to make these decisions and sometimes they involve stepping out onto a very long limb, one that also happens to be swaying in a stiff breeze!  Still, we are risk takers and know that one cannot do this alone.

This week we will be sharing our recent journeys on the road to amping up our game and adding to the A-Team.  We invite you to chime in with your own stories about taking that exciting step toward expanding your business.  Got ideas for a grand post of your own?  Shoot us a submission email.  We LOVE to hear from you!!

Get ready week, here we come!



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