Monday, October 8, 2012

Instagram Class at Makeshift Society Report Back

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm so happy to report that the Instagram for your business class that I taught at Makeshift Society on Saturday was awesome. I had 4 wonderful students and I'll be posting a bunch of photos below for you to see what we did. I liked being in a room where you were encouraged to messing around on your phone the entire time. Each student has a different business background and they were interested in finding out how they could use Instagram to promote their business or find inspiration. My students were: a craft person that uses it to show new designs and sneak peeks into her studio (she also created her own hashtag to organize her work - #zelmarose), one student had just installed Instagram before coming to the class and was interested in finding out how they could use it for their mostly entertainment based blog, and the two other students are in video/film and were excited about the suggestions I made for what to post and how their current/future clients would probably want to see in the Instagram photos.

You probably already know that I use Instagram to show my love for San Francisco, sometimes I post sneak peeks from the back of my DLSR and of course there's a ton of cute photos of my niece and nephew. I love Instagram and stay constantly inspired by following other photographers and Instagrammers that are taking their photos to the next level. I'm also fascinated how brands like Kate Spade and H&M interact with their customers. Take a look by searching for them under the EXPLORE tab. Through our Instagram photos, I want people to get to know our businesses better and if you are your brand, like a lot of us in the Bay Area, then Instagram is a great free marketing tool. Did you know that in August Instagram had more active users than Twitter, right? Whenever I pop on to my Twitter feed I'm inundated with Instagrams because stories of our lives are much more easily told through an image than 140 characters, right??

Next time, I will probably try to get in touch with my students beforehand to tell them which apps to download before class, but that's about it. I loved every single thing about the class, especially the photo challenge. It was fun to see what people were taking photos of and then to see them pop up in our group hashtag #makeshiftsocietyclass was super rad, there was a lot of ooohing and ahhhhing over the photos. I'll be teaching the class again in November & December, so you should totally come.

Here are the photos of our day:

 Thanks to my first group of students - you all have a very special place in my heart and I can't wait to see your new Instagrams! And um, thanks to Sinclair for bringing his super sexy iPhone 5 to class, we all want one now!



  1. I had too much going on to make the October class, but I'm totally signing up for one of your next ones. Can't wait to step up my Instagram game.

  2. Two more Instagram classes have been added to the Makeshift Society class schedule, stay tuned! Can't wait to see you next time.

  3. Such a fun class Sarah! We all had a blast!