Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Makeshift Society Success Squad Tonight!

Wondering if Lisa and I will see you at the Makeshift Society Success Squad happening tonight in San Francisco? It is a free drop in monthly meeting for Makeshift Society members. I'm a big huge gigantic fan of the Success Squad format and have seen some incredible things happen throughout this past year for our girls. Yes, I facilitate two other monthly meetings each month - one was formed in January 2012 with my sister and the second one started with a group of women that I met at the informational meeting about the Makeshift Society at Rare Device. When I told my wife that I was facilitating a third Success Squad, she gave me "the look" and thinks that I'm insane, but that's ok because doing something that you love doesn't really feel like work, you know?

I love these meetings because we work really hard to not only support one another and offer advice, but we challenge each other to run our businesses better. There needs more female entrepreneurs out there in the world and with the support of the other members you really can't fail, but if you do, we're there to help you figure out why and we will cheer you on as you start again. With the vast amount of experience in each of our meetings you're sure to come away with some new ideas or inspiration for how to do things differently and that's some powerful stuff. It is fine to sit at home at your computer and ponder a new package you want to offer or wonder if your social media practices are having an impact, but imagine how cool it would be to sit across a table from another small business owner and have them speak some truth about what you're doing and how you can do it better.

Looking forward to meeting those of you that can make it and for those of you who can't make it or live in another city, start your OWN group like this. Just watch, you'll all grow so so much and everyone gets something out of it. Go women business owners, go!!!


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  1. Sorry - I won't be able to make it! But have a fabulous meeting. :)