Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Meeting Report Back!

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This past Sunday, was our monthly meeting of the minds at the Success Squads that I facilitate and I'd like to report back to you about how wonderful it was. I look forward to these meetings so so much because I like to check in with the other creative entreprenuers face to face. Just liking their stuff on Facebook or retweeting hardly seems adequate to me anymore! I've been craving face to face time and these two meetings fulfill that need for me so well. Thanks to everyone that came and for those of you that didn't make it - can't wait to read your updates on the listserv.

At this point, one of the Success Squads has been going strong since January, so this was our 10th meeting and it is so exciting to look back and see the expansive growth that some of the members have experienced in the past year. I believe so strongly in this format and if you're a member of the Makeshift Society I encourage you to come to the Success Squad meeting in November. You'll really be blown away by the experience and maybe you'll be inspired enough to start your own. I can teach you all about it!

Some highlights from the meetings were:

  • Someone hired a publicist to take her brand to the next level
  • Prep for Renegade & BazBiz is underway 
  • Business plans are being written
  • Exciting partnerships are being formed
  • Some of us are looking for suplemental income while we establish new business ventures
  • Businesses are being rebranded 
  • New business cards were handed out
  • A day job will be quit soon and the fear about not having a steady paycheck will be let go of
  • An employee was hired for one of us
  • Jewelry sales continue to go well
  • Someone raised their prices and saw an increase in interest on Etsy
  • A teleseminar was executed
  • We are booking speaking gigs and being paid to write blogs
  • Clients are being found through new channels
  • One of us decided to not do consignment anymore
  • Holiday sale prep has begun and a calendar is full of events for one of us
  • Research about sourcing materials and manufacturing in SF is being done
  • Applications for funding are being sent out
  • Deadlines are being moved back a bit
  • We set goals to take one day a week off
We ended the second meeting talking about how we structure/prioritize our days - especially focusing on how we all deal with emails. Some of us get up to 100 emails a day and I can completely relate to struggling with this! We learned about the cool Google app called "Canned Responses" that you can use to reply to emails, if you get several of the same kind each day and of course folders, create folders on your computer, people!

Looking forward to November and as always - I am cheering each and every member on!


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  1. So exciting to get a taste of what's ahead for all of us at Makeshift Success Squad!