Friday, October 26, 2012

Revisiting Old Titles

Lately I've been traveling back in time.  Enter that catchy song from Back To The Future here.  While Zelma Rose has been on the up and up, I've been working behind the scenes on something for the past 9 months.  It should come as no surprise to readers that along with being a designer for Zelma Rose, I also happen to be a psychotherapist.  Yeah, I never shut up about it!  I finally took notice a while back that while I didn't necessarily miss having a practice, I did miss thinking in a psychological way, in particular about business.  I had a few meetings with some friends to test out a consulting idea I had to see if there might be a need.  I got an overwhelming response of OH GOD YES, so a 4 am idea has evolved into a business plan of sorts.

Did I need to be branching out into an additional business venture?  No, not really.  I'm so happy with all that involves Zelma Rose.  ZR is a dream come to fruition and I love each and everyday I'm working hard for her.  I'm not sure what shifted, but something happened and I felt like I could finally align all the parts of myself.  It sounds silly in retrospect.  It has taken this long to feel like I could give attention to the intellectual and artistic sides of myself?  Sadly, yes. I think it might go back to having the wrong glasses (for a refresher on that read here). But, better late than never.  When I look back, I think a turning point happened for me at a party 6 months ago.  I was introduced by one of the friends I approached about this wild consulting idea as a designer and a psych nut who is really interested in accelerated growth and business strategy.  The intro went smoothly, no one passed out or spit out their drink at the thought of me being both.  Hmmmm, I thought.  It's time.

No sooner did I put the yes out to the universe did things got rolling. I now have a consulting business offering psychologically minded business solutions.  Yeah, I did it.  BIG.  I've been teaching at the Makeshift Society, holding meetings with clients and interested parties, and things seem to be rolling.  What I find the most delightful is that this time around, I'm not holding back.  Right or wrong glasses, I'm putting out there what I want and knowing that I will either be a good match for someone or not.  Take a look at my website.  It's got a little bit of an attitude for sure.  I was curious to see the response to my branding.  I LOVE a Hot Mess.  Really?  So far it seems to be a good match for the client I am interested in.  This go around, I'm making the rules.  Maybe that has come with the freedom of not needing to make it work full throttle.  Lisa Anderson Shaffer Consulting can grow slowly.  I can be selective and that is some serious freedom right there!

I'll be sharing some tid bits from my newest venture here, but for updated articles and posts, check out the article sections of my website, along with my contributions to  ALSO, I'm crazy honored to be the launching speaker at a new event over at the Makeshift Society Tuesday October 30!  Strategy TNT promises to be the next big thing!! I'll be speaking about how I partner with companies and small business owners to reapproach business strategy from a psychological perspective, specifically when it comes to accelerated growth and fast moving money. The event is about to sell out, so click here to reserve your ticket.  Hope to see you there!

Happy Tuesday! AND GO GIANTS!!!!!



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