Friday, October 5, 2012

The Changing Tide

After spending the better part of the week discussing surprises in our target market, I thought it would be interesting to pose this question...

If the tide is turning in one direction, do we ride or fight the current?

If you set out to do one thing with your business and something else is taking shape organically, what makes us go with the flow and what makes us fight to get things back on the planned path?

Hmmmm. I feel as though I could answer this question differently every single day.  I suppose even having the luxury of a choice in this scenario is one of the major perks of running your own show.

I was just talking about this with a friend last night.  It's almost like we have internal deal breakers.  It can be difficult to determine what these boundaries are until they are pushed.  Once pushed we can recognize them and decide whether we can live with the process and results or would rather not even enter into the mix.  It definitely is a luxury, but at times, one that can make or break your business.

I have been reading Public Relations proposals all month and speaking with a number of publicists.  Zelma Rose is ready and in order to go onward and upward, I need a little editorial push.  It's exciting and something a year ago I couldn't have imagined even possible.  I'll have representation?  What?  The process has been fascinating.  Essentially I have been re-introduced to my business over the past month.  Seeing it from the perspective of a publicist has been really interesting. There have been proposals that have viewed Zelma Rose as being targeted for a very narrow campaign and those that have had an enormous span and suggested a variety of ways Zelma Rose can be introduced to editors.   One example has been the parent market.  Marketing my designs to parent magazines and blogs was never something I had considered.  In my mind I was thinking wedding, fashion, and lifestyle would be it really.  Turns out that my story and not so much my product is what will appeal to parent publications.  I'm a mom, I am the primary care taker of my daughter, and I work me businesses around her schedule. In short, I'm another mom who gets shit done. This is not so much a deal breaker as it is an unexpected wave in the ride.  What if the way Zelma Rose takes off editorially is through story and less through my designs?  How do I feel about this?  Pretty good. In my case it's not as far as a leap as if my bow ties become cult fashion accessories for Hollywood dogs. Yeah, that might not be so comfortable for me.  I'll let you know when it happens.

What have been some of your deal breakers where your businesses is concerned?

Happy Friday!



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