Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Loss In Gain

Sarah pretty much nailed it yesterday.  Asking for help is really hard and for two ladies who have ridiculously high standards for everything we do, asking for help means we are holding some poor soul up to the virtually impossible task.  Does it take a lot to make us happy?  Hells yeah!
Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Still, as I like to say, there just isn't enough space for you and that cross on your back in this room.  Yeah, I just said that.  I say it a lot, mostly to myself.  My point is, there is no parade. In whatever ways we choose to extend ourselves, it better come from within, for within.  There is no parade at the end for running ourselves ragged, burning out, and going above and beyond.  Going the full nine yards is great, but if we are doing it for recognition of what hard working and giving souls we are, we will most likely be disappointed.  If your are going to do it, do it for you.  No one else is paying attention, nor should they be.

Here's the rub.  I pretty much love every aspect of running a business.  Especially Zelma Rose.  I love the making, the customer interactions, inventory, payments, even shipping.  Seriously, I do. When things really started to take off a few months ago, I quickly realized I needed to start thinking about delegating.  But what did I want to give away?  Nothing. I love the variety of hats I get to wear over at ZR.  What was I willing to part with, and who could I trust with it?  I had already handed over my inventory management to Stitch Labs, which I did a while back and has made that part of my business run virtually on auto-pilot. I had spent a few months looking for an intern and no one was interested.  Yeah that was really disappointing.  I thought I was offering a pretty great opportunity to work on production and learn about running a creative business.  Still, no one was responsive, except my husband.  Yep, he's the one who now works on all my Etsy stuff, keeping my website organized and running smoothly.  So far it's been going well and I am deeply grateful for his support. If there were going to be a parade, he'd be the grand marshall. Two down, on to the next.

It must have been over the summer that Sarah and I were joking about representation. Who are these people with publicists?  That is so redic!  What, you don't have time to send out a press release?  Get over yourself!  Well, in the interest of consistently eating my own words, here I am now with representation.  In hiring out my weaknesses, PR was at the top of my list.  I am not a publicist, I do not know editors, and I cannot get my designs in front of the eyes that need to see them for ZR to get to the next level.  Gulp.  This was a big one. The money aspect alone was making me queasy.  It takes money to make money, yeah I get it, but yikes! Still, after taking a look at what I want for Zelma Rose and what I can get done myself, it started to make sense. I need help.  After months of looking at proposals, speaking with firms both large and small, I finally found my match. It feels good to hand that aspect of my business over to someone else.  Getting press always seemed so magical and lucky to me.  Turns out there are people who make a job out of it!  It's not just wishing on unicorns!  Spectacular!! I'm both excited and nervous to see what comes. We are playing long ball now, and that is mind blowing.

With each gain, there is a loss.  Always.  That's the way life works.  Zelma Rose is no longer just me, myself, and I. We are team ZR.  Exciting, thrilling, awesome, and huge, but also a reminder of the days going totally solo at the dining room table, making necklaces in between my daughter's naps and breastfeeding.  I cannot believe what has happened in 2 years, especially the last 6 months. As things grow and continue to move forward, I will hold on to that crazy, sleep deprived woman in the midst of a creative explosion that she just couldn't keep to herself. This is grand, but so was that.

Happy Wednesday!




  1. So glad to hear that Zelma Rose is growing Lisa! I'm excited to see what's coming next.

    1. Thanks Camille! I feel like you guys are a big part of my team, I couldn't do it all without you!!