Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Urban Fashion Adventure Failure

I really enjoyed reading Lisa's post yesterday and it reminded me that yes, who I initially thought I would be photographing has dramatically shifted since going full speed ahead as a full time photographer. If you watch the Videokard on my website you will see that I thought I'd be working a lot more with fashion bloggers or girls that just love having their photo taken and they'd bring lots of clothes/accessories and we'd tromp through the city on a fun fashion adventure. I called the package an Urban Fashion Adventure and I did a few free ones, but each time I sent out my pricing after an inquiry I heard crickets. And I realized that as much as these girls love photography, but for the most part they don't have to pay for it (partners/husbands/boyfriends are behind the camera) or they don't want to pay a professional because they own their own little point and shoots and things look good enough just as the way they are. That's totally fine, but I think I focused on those shoots because they were fun and easy, but in the end those girls don't NEED to have their photo taken and so, I'd figured myself right out of the equation. I still have the portfolio on my website, but overall, I'd say that idea was a total failure.

So, I stepped back and thought about who needed to have their photos taken - professionals who are the face of their businesses, families and people interested in taking their online dating photos to the next level. I was also very strategic about messaging that I love to work with people that have their photo taken. That's probably like 95% of the population, right? And I do love those clients because during my photo sessions I help heal any painful memories of other photoshoots and they end up with a photo that they feel proud about putting on their website/blog/Twitter/Facebook. If you come to think of it, people see your headshot far more often than any other photo of you, so it should be a good one, right?

My collage of some of my favorite Not-So-Corporate headshots. 
A few weeks ago I celebrated shooting my 50th not-so-corporate headshot and since then I've been hired by big offices to do everyone's headshot because people in the Bay Area really get it - you are the face of your business. If you have lame photos of your staff, people will think that you're lame and with the amount of photographers out there that can help you elevate your branding, you simply must hire one of us to do it. Hire out your weaknesses!

This is the team from Chartboost. 
I'm eternally grateful to all of my clients the past few months and who knows, maybe in the next 6 months I will phase out one of the things I offer to focus on something else. I'm ok with saying that my Urban Fashion Adventure package was a total failure. I learned and I'm moving on! If you go over to my sister's blog you'll see that I still do fashion photography from time to time for her Wednesday Wears. 

Happy Tuesday,

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