Friday, November 2, 2012

In Need of Some Perspective

I love that Betsy kicked off the week with her post about needing help.  She talks about that all too familiar feedback loop that us self-employed mavens can get exhaustively stuck in.  I was stuck in it too this month, and boy did it suck!  Inspired by Betsy, I thought I would share how I got out of it, and how Success Squad was a major help.

For the record, October 2012 has been the best month for Zelma Rose yet!.  That's a fact, but not what I was feeling.  I'm not even sure how it started, but somehow I got tuck in this loop that was making me think I was not doing enough, getting far enough or fast enough.  It was exhausting.  Every time  I would get new orders, or see some press I would think, yeah that's great, but what about the things that fell through?  I need to be having twice as many orders.  It seemed nothing was quite good enough.  I was beginning to feel like a failure.

Why in the world would I feel this way when the reality was so different?  Well there are a few reasons, some have to do with the old psycho cluster mess known as fear of success.  With every gain there is a loss.  I know I often talk about this, but it bears repeating.  For me, looking back I think I was so busy, I had very little perspective of what was actually going on with my business.  I was not paying attention to the facts or science behind Zelma Rose.  I was flying from one thing to the next, without reflection.  This put me in a place of reacting on feeling and not fact.  I wasn't even aware of what I was doing!

So how did I climb out of it?  Success Squad!  Knowing that we would be meeting on Sunday led me to sit and take some time to reflect on all that has happened with Zelma Rose this month.  I crunched my numbers, looked at my gains and losses, projected ahead and was shocked!  I got that much done?!  I reached how many goals?! I didn't even know it.  Had it not been for Success Squad forcing me to sit for a second and assess the month, I'd probably still be wallowing in my perceived failure, and who has time for that hot mess?!

Onward and Upward!




  1. I can SO relate to that "never good enough" feeling. My hubby's always pointing out how quickly I rush past my achievements without savoring them. I'm always: "Okay, that's great, but... NEXT!" Sometimes we're so impatient for success that we don't even recognize it when it bites us in the ass! So congratulations, Lisa, on your awesome month with Zelma Rose, AND on getting out of the dreaded loop! Take a moment to savor it!

    1. Thanks Betsy! "Okay that's great but next" is so my mantra sometimes. I try to take a step back but when building a business it is so hard! I have small moments of realizing how far I've come, but they slip away quickly. Trying to figure out how to build the plane and fly at the same time :)

  2. Thank you, so much, for this, girl! think this calls for a "perspective" segment of Succes Squad! I, too, was doing too much work and not taking care of myself (so much so that I lef a little head cold become a full blown sinus infection), all because I thought "I was not doing enough, getting far enough or fast enough". I didn't get perspective until I looked into this little folder I had created at the beginning of the month. I decided to keep a folder of my income each month, any bit of money I received from Videokard, I made a copy of the receipt and put it in there. And, LO! October has also been my best month to date! So, what does that tell you. Obviously, in this society, they brainwash the women. ;)

    1. Better, faster, stronger. Right?! I agree with you Karrie. We try to do it all, when we know better. I've learned in the past two months that pain is a great motivator to stop. Crazy that ti comes to that sometimes, but when that ball gets rollin, it's hard to step aside. Hopefully we can all get better at it together. Of course, I say that as I'm researching how to further my license. Sigh!