Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Freakin' Jon Stewart And Other Lovely Surprises

This week we started out offering up some ideas on how to grade our businesses for 2012.  Sarah circled the Success Squad troops to provide some great questions on how to look back at gettin' it all done this past year.  We will continue to post their questions and Success Squad member report cards over the next few weeks. One question that I am sure to allow for at the year's end is,

What surprised me most about my business this year?

My favorite thing about life is that no matter how well we plan, there are different paths we find ourselves on by just being open to possibility.  One of my super geeky favorite past times is to think about a public figure that I respect and enjoy and follow their professional trajectory.  I usually end up saying, "Wow, I never would have thought!"  And that is so exciting to me!  One person who I am admittedly obsessed with is Daily Show host Jon Stewart.  Okay, when I say obsessed what I really mean is that I have a super serious crush that has gone on for I'd say about 20 years.

I grew up in New York and in the early 90's Jon was on a local TV show known as the Jon Stewart Show.  For all you New Yorker's who remember, you know I'm talking about Channel 9.  It was a very sweet and funny show.  Jon was self deprecating as ever and I just loved his dark super 90's longish on top wavy haircut. I was sold.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined then that 20 years later I would still have the crush (still unrequited Mr. Stewart), but that Jon would be the host of a crazy popular satire cable show and interview Presidents and well respected public figures, not to mention be really good at it. How lovely is that?

When I look back on my businesses for 2012 with this question in mind, I will answer indefinitely blogging.  When Sarah and I started Awfully Grand, it was an experiment.  We wanted to chronicle our lives as we went down the rocky road of doing what we love and loving what we do.  At the beginning even that statement seemed so bold.  Were we really doing it?  Could we be so lucky to do what we love and love what we do? A year later we know the answer to be YES!  When it comes to blogging, for me it was all an experiment. I was working on Awfully Grand and writing some posts for Indiemade when I had the good fortune of meeting the crew from Stitch Labs.  Willo O'Brien, super geek and all star get it done girl mentioned that she really liked my writing style.  I hadn't really given it much thought.  I was used to writing academically and blogging never even crossed my mind as a writing style.  Before I knew it Willo asked me to blog for Stitch, which I still do and love to this day.  Stitch led to being a contributor to and that led me to blogging for Let's Neighbor.  Who knew that blogging would be such a large and exciting part of my business?  I'm oh so grateful to Willo for seeing something in me I had no clue was there and giving me a chance to prove myself.  One of my goals for 2013 is to continue to blog and seek out opportunities to keep it a large and significant part of my businesses.  Plus, I kind of love it.

PS Jon, if you are reading this, I'm still crushing on you hard.  Gosh you are cute.

What has surprised you about your business in 2012?



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