Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Katy Atchison is Awfully Grand

Katy Atchison in her studio/apartment in San Francisco. 

This week we are talking all about leadership and we love featuring ladies that have decided to step it up and so we talked to Katy Atchison, co-captain of the SF Etsy Team.  I first met Katy at a tattoo studio a few years ago, she was getting some work done and so was I. We chatted while our artists were hard at work and once you're tattooed next to someone for multiple hours, you're kind of end up as tattoo sisters. Lisa has interacted with Katy because they are both members of the SF Etsy team and they are an active bunch. If you're new to Etsy and live in the Bay Area, we highly recommend joining the SF Etsy Team, you will learn so much and have a great community of crafters rooting you on right away. We are elated to be featuring Katy Atchison on the blog today. She was kind enough to do a guest post for us. Ok, take it away, Katy...

Who Am I?
I am and visual designer, illustrator and the mighty Co-Captain of the SF Etsy Team

What is SF Etsy?
SF Etsy is a free peer-to-peer creative support group which motivates and teaches vital skills to local Bay Area Etsy sellers online, through in-person events, craft fairs and interactions. We’re a unique blend of over 800 creatives who have a passion for sharing information, building community and connecting with one another.

Our vision is to create unique opportunities for the creative growth of our members: selling events, social media, marketing, business connections, and helping guide them towards success for each of their unique business models.

Why do I LOVE to do what I do for SF Etsy?

I think it’s a good thing that when you asked me this mind swirled with about a million reasons why I love to do what I do for SF Etsy. 

But I think it can all be broken down into two strong words: Community & Inspiration

I have a very strong passion for creative communities where people share information freely and openly without expecting anything in return. SF Etsy helps to bridge the gap of missing connections within a person’s creative community. Whenever a bridge is built, my heart fills up and I feel so much fulfillment out of those experiences.

Have you ever seen someone learn something new – their curiosity is sparked, their eyes and whole face beam when they connect the dots between the steps? I encourage an open dialogue between members to support them in exploring new ways of creating and putting their own special spin on their original product and process. 

SF Etsy inspires people; it encourages and excites people. They feel supported, they know they have a resource that is there to help them. I get really excited when I think of the things that SF Etsy is doing for people. Our members don’t feel alone in their journey. There really is no other organization in the Bay Area that has had the natural growth and unique blend of peer-to-peer sharing that SF Etsy has. The diversity of the Bay Area works in our favor with everyone having an important personal story to tell & something valuable to share. We connect companies to sellers, create selling opportunities for members (like our Pop-Up at Bazaar Bizarre and our Holiday Show at Urban Bazaar) and open up in-person networking events that help to empower our team members to be brave when they take their business to the next level. How cool is that?!

As Co-Captain, I feel it’s my job hold the light up that lets our members shine and feel supported. And I’ll gladly let my arm fall asleep while holding that light if it means I’m making a difference in a person’s life, which I know I am.

Thanks so much for the guest post, Katy! Hope you have a fantastic holiday season! 


Sarah & Lisa 


  1. THanks again for the feature - so honored to be on here and talking about SF Etsy and how amazing our community is here in The Bay Area!

  2. SF Etsy truly is an amazing group -- with amazing leaders! We're so lucky to have Katy as team captain. She is an inspiration herself!