Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Strategy TNT - A Photographer's Perspective

First ever Strategy TNT meeting at Makeshift Society in San Francisco
Happy Wednesday! I wanted to share with you my photos from the first ever Strategy TNT meeting at Makeshift Society. My super awesome blogging partner, Lisa, of Lisa Anderson Shaffer Consulting, was the presenter and she will be sharing her perspective about the experience later this week. We thought we'd dazzle you with the photos first and then get geeky later in the week. From a photographer's perspective, this event was crazy fun! I got to sit on the ground and swirl around on my butt and photograph people from an unexpected angle. They were videotaping it, so I had to lay low. Lots of interesting faces and I was stoked to see Lisa up there doing her thing! Here's more information about the Strategy TNT meeting (taken directly from their FB page) and they use Eventbrite and you have to get tickets, so do not miss out. I wonder who they will get next month to present!?

The details: 
At 6:00pm on the last Tuesday of every month, something awesome happens at
Makeshift Society. It’s called Strategy Talk and Tea (Strategy TNT).

The format:
A twenty-minute talk from somebody smart about a tricky challenge cleverly conquered, twenty minutes of Q&A, then time to mingle. Delicious tea throughout. All free of charge.

The philosophy:
Strategy TNT provides a forum for strategists of all kinds to share
their stories. Relentlessly focused on collaboration, we recruit speakers from diverse disciplines—design, engineering, marketing, non-profit, medicine, food—whose experiences have the power to inform and inspire our own work.

The reasons to show up:
You want to learn something new, share something cool you’ve done, or maybe do some networking. You like hanging out with interesting people and enjoy the occasional cup of tea.

The background:
Inspired by Creative Mornings, Strategy TNT is the brainchild of
creative strategist Jennifer Maples, developed with the support of Makeshift Society, many creative and generous friends, and lots of caffeinated tea. Currently in Beta.

Bravo to Jennifer for getting this event off the ground and with such gusto! Can't wait to see what happens in the next year for you. Tea provided by We Are Tea - T-We

Did you see those name tags? So creative! 


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