Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Success Squad Mixer

Happy Wednesday! Today I'm here to report that we've successfully merged the two Success Squads that have been meeting once a month on Sunday mornings for most of 2012. The first group started back in January and the second group was founded with a bunch of women that I met at the Makeshift Society informational meeting this summer. Having two groups made sense for a long time because I wanted to make sure the groups didn't get too big because we spent a lot of time with individual check ins, but once I saw how great the new format for the Success Squad worked with the Makeshift Society members, I knew that it was time to merge the groups into one and switch things up for 2013. We held a mixer at Rare Device (thanks to one of our Success Squad members Giselle, who owns the super cool store on Hayes and Divisidero) and I surprised every one by having one of my dear friends, Naima, come and sing. Naima is an amazing Oakland based singer songwriter and she's got a show coming up at Disco Volante in late November, you should come, I will totally be there. One of our members, Kiffanie, even brought the members of her Success Squad made up of lady lawyers. So, there was a ton of new people to meet and I'm excited to see new collaborations in the future.

The Success Squads have been such a huge part of my life this year that it will hard to say goodbye to the old format, but as an Aquarian, I'm always looking to change things up and so here we go! I know that a lot of us in the Success Squads can credit the support and advice that we receive with our exponential growth this year as business owners. Being an entrepreneur is freaking hard, but all of you ladies made it so much easier and I never felt alone or isolated. I heart you all so much and I'm really stoked about 2013! Our last meeting will be this Sunday and I'm already feeling a bit sentimental about it. Here are a few photos I snapped at the event.

Thanks again to Naima for coming to inspire us with your beautiful voice and to my business partner, Lisa, because without you none of the Success Squad amazingness would be possible!


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