Monday, November 5, 2012

We Love Strategy!

What do you get when you add Strategy TNT + the Makeshift Society + Lisa Anderson Shaffer Consulting  + Portraits To The People?  A geek fest of the coolest variety!!

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the launch of Strategy TNT, a new speaker series that invites strategists of all varieties to gather, network and collaborate. Strat TNT promises to be the next big thing in collaboration.  The group's mission, led by strategist and uber brainy femme fatal Jennifer Maples is to gather people from various disciplines to discuss how an idea, challenge, or question is being approached from a new perspective.  Sarah & I met Jennifer at one of our Success Squad Makeshift Society Meetings and were blown away by her energy and get it done girl attitude.

I was thrilled when Jennifer approached me to speak at Strat TNT's launch event.  The focus was to speak on how I am approaching modern business challenges like accelerated growth, and fast and furious gain with old school psychoanalytic theory. A major drool fest for me. The chance to talk psych?! Yes please!! The event was sold out and Sarah was on hand to document.  In short we had a great time.  It was exciting to see so many minds of different focus coming together to think about a single concept.  We cannot wait to see what else Jennifer has in store for Strategy TNT.

What follows this week is a report from both our perspectives.  What it was like for Sarah to shoot the event and what it was like for me to prep my talk.  In short we are talking about our favorite subject, collaboration.  We just can't get enough!  Stay tuned for the juicy details of our night of collab.  Photos, facts of the nerdiest persuasion, and video to come.

Hey there Monday, are you awesome yet?!



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