Friday, December 14, 2012

All I Want For Christmas Is Camera Gear!

Surprise, surprise, surprise I want camera gear for Christmas! Here's some of the camera related things that are on my Christmas list, so here goes!

1. You know how much I love taking photos with my iPhone and I haven't played with any of these lenses before, so I'd like all 3 of these, please!

Buy the Photojojo Phone Lens Series at the Photojojo Store!

2. My iPhone battery goes downhill fast when I do a lot of photo posting, so this great little solar charger would really help me out. Love the wood case too!

Buy the Bamboo Solar Charger at the Photojojo Store!

3. I'm on the go all of the time with various lenses in my bag and I'm kind of over the ugly black padded cases, so I want one of these Photorito lens wraps. Hilarious, right??

Buy the Photorito Lens Wrap at the Photojojo Store!

4. I am always misplacing my lens caps. I annoy myself with how I can never find them after a shoot. I get wrapped up in the moment and either shove them in a pocket or a corner of my bag and I lose them all of the time. This would be awesome!

Buy the The Lens Cap Strap Holder at the Photojojo Store!

5. And finally, I want a tripod. This one is so cute!

Buy the The Expedition Wooden Tripod at the Photojojo Store!

Are you listening, Santa?? Thanks to Photojojo for their great embed codes for my guest list. LOVE everything about Photojojo!


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