Monday, December 17, 2012

Bye Bye to the Book

This past weekend was Renegade Craft Fair.  It's a huge show for me.  The weeks preceding are spent on production, planning and hitting my head against the wall trying to guess what might possibly be a big seller.  I'm almost always wrong.  Part of my RCF plan is sharing a booth with Kristen & Tom from Pommes Frites.  Kristen has been in the biz for 6 years and is a major pro when it comes to shows, Etsy, selling, and working the hell out of a booth.  This past weekend marked a special milestone for PF, as Kristen said goodbye to making one of her best selling items.

Kristen of Pommes Frites

Sarah and I are always fascinated by the decisions we all make for our businesses.  I guess I started thinking about all this last night.  I was recuperating watching a doc about the Foo Fighters.  Guitarist Pat Smear, who followed Dave Grohl from Nirvana to start the band, left when the group was on a non stop trajectory toward success.  He simply felt bored of touring and wasn't interested in playing the same song night after night.  Just not the direction he wanted his work to go. Brave or foolish, you decide, but a bold move nonetheless.  Yes, I am about to compare Kristen to Pat Smear.  You are welcome girl.

I witnessed Kristen make a similar bold move this weekend, when she said goodbye to her very last book safe.  Kristen has been making book safes, or hollowed out vintage books to hide goodies, as part of the PF charming home decor line since the beginning.  They sell like hot cakes, I watched them sell out on day one of RCF, but let's just say, she's over making them.  PF is about to go in a more focused direction and it is time to move on.  She wasn't even there to wish the very last sale goodbye.  As I watched Tom wrap up the very last hollowed out book cradling a flask inside, a bell rang out for the end of a era.

It was nice to witness a moment like that.  I loved to see Kristen saying no to something that for all intensive purposes was working for her customers and her business, but not for her anymore.  It is exciting to see her at the precipice of a wonderful and big turn of the tide.  I hope in 2013 we can all have the courage to make decisions like that for our business.  We are after all, the boss.

Thanks to Kristen & Tom for another great weekend.  See you guys in July!



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