Friday, December 21, 2012

Small Business Report Cards & Our Success Squad

Coffee Bar is where almost all of our Success Squad meetings were held. 
So, a few weeks ago Lisa and I talked about how we'd asked the Success Squad for some report card questions to ask ourselves as we prepare to get our businesses set for 2013. I wanted to share with you the list of questions that everyone sent in and I hope that you take an hour or so during the holidays to answer them. If you don't think you have the time, set up a phone date or have coffee with a friend and they can ask you these questions. A lot of the time I figure out the best answer to something while talking, so I will probably have my partner ask me these questions and I'm sure interesting things will come up. I'm all about making changes to my business and perhaps I should start doing this quarterly!? 

The other big news is that we've decided to combine the two Success Squads into one and to change the structure. We'll be modeling the 2013 Success Squad on the format of the one we've been facilitating at Makeshift Society. If you're someone looking for more accountability, then find some friends or colleagues to support you. We are better business women when we are supported and encouraged and allowed the space to dream bigger. I have this feeling deep down in my gut that 2013 is going to be a banner year for all of us, so thank you to all of the members that continually showed up and participated. I cherish you all and value your opinions so so much! 

Ok, so here is the report card questions - ready, set, go!

Sarah D’s List:
1) How well did I interact with the various social media outlets I'm connected to?  

2) How well did I structure my days, so that I maintained a healthy work/life balance?

3) Do I know where/how my clients are finding me?

4) Is it time to raise my prices?

5) Are any of my packages not working?

Karrie’s List:
1) How did my monthly income as an entrepreneur compare to income at a previous job?  Were there any things I lost in one way, but gained in another?

2) How did I organize constant connection and follow-up with clients?  What non-conventional (i.e., social media) ways could I also accomplish this?

3) What was my "180 Moment"? (the moment I completely changed my mind about something I thought I knew)

4) What collaborations did I participate in this year, and how did they help - or not help - my business?

5) What big leaps did I take, and which ones do I wish I hadn't taken?  What mental space was I in at the time, and how would I do it differently now?

6) How did my product improve beyond what I originally imagined?

7) What social media did I find to be most relevant to my business?

8) How did accountability play into my success this year, and how could it play a bigger role?

9) What the hell is networking?  How did I do it this year?

Kelly’s List:
1) Am I currently enjoying my work/projects and clients?

2) How clear is my communication with clients?

3) Are work goals being set and reached?

4) Am I excited about the future of my business?

5) Do I allow myself moments of reflection to truly absorb and appreciate the work that I do?

Kiffanie’s List:
Have I made changes this year that get me closer to my ideal day/clients/offerings?

If I didn't meet my income goals was it because I didn't have the appropriate offerings in place or because I
needed time to grow into those goals?

Did I set one audacious goal this year and achieve it?

Sarah G’s List:
1) Am I charging what I am actually worth and getting paid for all the hours spent on a project?

2) Have I managed my time well?

3) What aspects of what i do do i like best? how can i focus more on those areas and less on areas that aren't as interesting?

4) How am I/my biz perceived by potential clients?

5) How do I get through the rough financial patches without panicking? :)

Shelly’s List:
1) Have I made the appropriate changes that allow for my work to align.more with the life I want to lead? What other changes can I make?

2) What are five things I have done to get closer to making a sustainable income?

3) Why have am I  currently not making "art?" I feel stuck in this area right now.

4) What could I add to my life to connect with more people off of the web?

5) There are a lot of places Creating Space has been taking me. What parts have I enjoyed and want to pursue further and what is not working?

Stephanie’s List:
1) What have I done to push my brand/business (marketing-wise) in unconventional ways?

2) Have I identified my target customer and am I reaching him/her?

3) How are this year's numbers comparing to last year's? (Productivity, profit, viral reach, etc)

4) How am I staying engaged in marketing my business each day?

5) Am I excited about my work and happy to be doing it? Is it still worth the sacrifices I've made?

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